Blower-door Testing at a Logistics Center in Piedmont

Our blower-door test at the Amazon logistics center in Torrazza

At the new logistics center in the province of Turin, at Torrazza Piemonte, we performed some airtightness testing. The inspected building is approximately 800.000 m3 in volume and has a heat-dissipating surface of some 137.000 m2.

The logistics structure, including a multistory warehouse and a one story building with offices and services, was inspected with a blower door test for large buildings to assess its airtightness, a leakage inspection for air leak detection, a thermal bridges inspection with thermal bridge thermography, and a panelboards infrared inspection to check panel boards with thermography.

Our blower door tests were performed under the requirements of the BREEAM® certification obtaining an extremely performing value of q50 lower than 1.3 cu.m./h/sqm at a pressure rate of 50Pa.