Thermographic Inspection of Thermal Bridges

The thermographic inspection of thermal bridges and air leaks from the building envelope is used in the detection of all defects of building, laying, or wearing of materials that lead to heat dissipation.

Combining a thermal infrared inspection with a Blower Door Test permits highlighting and greater visibility of the dissipation points.

We perform two kinds of thermal infrared surveys:

  • Detection of thermal bridges: it helps identify any discontinuities in building that result in an excessive and incorrect passage of heat;
  • Air Leak Detection:it allows to physically see the flows of air infiltrations and loss through building nodes and plant systems.

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Thermography can be done at two stages of a building’s life: during construction or renovation to check the correct laying of components before finishings are done (Blower Door Test method B); after construction work has been completed or for an existing building, with the building in use to verify the conditions of their real use (Blower Door Test method A). 

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