Air Leakage Detection Blower Door Test

We carry out the Blower Door Test to detect defects either in the installation or in the building components. During the Blower Door Test air leakage can be identified from:

Blower Door Testing to detect air leakage allows us to easily identify the areas where building airtightness is compromised and hence with diminished energy performance. It is crucial to perform the leakage test during construction or renovation so that any defect can be resolved more readily.

What tools are used to detect leakage?

To identify critical areas, we use:


Thermography allows us to analyze walls and building components by visually assessing any difference in temperature (hence in color), an indication that the area under examination is potentially in a critical stage.  The Blower Door Test enhances all air leakages by making defects even more visible.



By using a special smoke generator, we can monitor the path of the air flow. During the Blower Door Test, it will tend to move toward cracks and the outer exit point so we can identify the weak area. We also repeat the same check outside of the building by verifying the exit of smoke from the outside.



This device measures the air flow speed. We use it to assess the severity of the leaks and to decide, together with our customer, whether or not to remove them.