Curtain walls watertightness testing

Watertightness tests on curtain walls make it possible to identify water infiltrations on continuous glazing installed on site.

We carry out tests under normal pressure conditions, according to the UNI EN 13051 of 2001 standard “Curtain Walling – Watertightness – Site test”, or under induced pressure conditions, according to the UNI EN 12155 2002 standard of  “Curtain walling – Watertightness – Laboratory test under static pressure” and UNI EN 12154 of 2001Curtain walling – Watertightness – Performance requirements and classification”.

How we perform the water tightness test on site

We carry out the test using an adjustable device for spraying water on the surface to be analysed, capable of forming a continuous and constant water film on the surface of the facade.

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Curtain walls watertightness


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