Door Fan Test: procedures

Door Fan Testing operational procedures to perform the standard test implemented by our engineers are as follows:

  • Machine Installation and Setting
  • Pressurization of the protected volume and assessment
  • Depressurization of the protected volume and assessment
  • Calculation of the leak equivalent surface
  • Leak detection in case of non-compliant values
  • Leak sealing
  • Repetition of the Door Fan Test as a check of the performed actions.

Door Fan Integrity Testing can be done both during designing and realization.

At the designing stage it allows for determining the feasibility of a gas saturation protection system within a certain volume. This permits the evaluation of the technical-economic suitability of this solution with respect to other alternatives according to the structural characteristics, tightness, dimensional and congestion of the protected volume.

At the realization stage, we check the envelope quality and highlight any critical issue of either the materials being used (for walls, floorings and roofing) or their laying. We also assess the need for installing the maintenance exhaust to ensure the extinguishing gas minimum concentration over the required period.

If your Company, University, or Public Entity needs to prepare a call for tender including the Door Fan Integrity Testing, please download the Door Fan Test Terms of Contract and request a free quotation for its realization.