Airtightness Design

An Air Tightness Design aims at improving the quality level of the building.

With our airtightness design, we develop customized solutions based on the features of the building providing, when necessary, the bill of materials and the installation instructions. In this way, we optimize performance at the building yard, avoiding any dangerous setups during installation.

Our airtightness design also ensures that the artifact is long-lasting. Unsuitable products or inaccurate processing that are not in accordance with the best working standards irremediably impact on the useful life of the building and oblige those firms that carry out the work to bear the heavy cost of restoration.


With our airtightness design we guarantee:

  • Energy leakage reduction
  • No condensation and/or mildew formation
  • Sound insulation protection
  • Thermal insulation maximization
  • System efficiency optimization

Once installation has been completed, a blower door test is performed to check the quality of the work done.


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